Why it makes sense to study in USA

Education in USA is arguably the costliest compared to anywhere in the world including such frequented traditional destinations like UK, Australia, Singapore as well as emerging education destinations such as Germany & France. This is because, cost of education in USA has increased at a rate above its domestic inflation rate over the decades and foreign students have borne this cost almost entirely.

Full semester tuition in USA varies between US$10K & US$15K depending on the university and the program. Summer tuition varies anywhere between US$ 6K & US$12K. In addition, students have to pay for housing, living, textbook, insurance, visa & SEVIS and airfare.

Foreign students in USA can work on campus up to 20 hours a week @ roughly $14 per hour wages. Skilled and talented foreign students can part pay for their non-tuition expenses by this way.  Foreign students can also take up a paid internship (OPT or Optional Practical Training) up to a year and students graduating in programs labelled as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) can extend their OPT by another 15 months. OPT does not require work visa and students earn up to US$25k – US$30K per year.

If one gets a company to sponsor work visa (H1B), then the foreign students being highly motivated and competitive will earn up to US$100K per year. This type of job can return their investment in education in just 6 months.

Besides University campuses, US companies, in particular Silicon Valley has one of the most open and free thinking work cultures anywhere in the world. Being in that atmosphere, surrounded by highly competitive & intellectual colleagues and discussing startup ideas over coffee table conversations every day offers one of the best lifelong learning opportunities.

Which investment in the world pays you back in six months and further offers benefits lifelong? That is why I say it makes sense to invest on study in USA. There is no other investment better than this one. It is an investment of your life time.