About Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

VCU is a public research university focused on academic success with nationally ranked academic programs and academic medical center, research and scholarly productivity. VCU is located in Richmond, a vibrant city with a large Indian community and several fortune five hindered companies. VCU assigns top most priority for student safety. Students will be provided University hostel facility and safe transport to travel within the campus. Click http://www.vcu.edu for more details on VCU.

Message from DEAN, VCU School of Business

Greetings from the School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University!  As a major business institution of higher education (ranked in the top 5% of all such schools in the world), we take great pride in providing the highest quality advanced business education, using the latest technologies, in our state-of-the-art facilities. We also take great pride in our local, regional, national, and international partnerships. We care about our students, what they learn while studying with us, and what they do in their careers after they graduate.


We at the VCU School of Business invite you to take advantage of the opportunities unfolding all around us.  VCU MS is an international learning experience that will prepare you to operate successfully in global business environment of the 21st century.  The program will help you build the skills needed to prosper in today’s dynamic and evolving marketplace.  I encourage you to set yourself apart and position yourself for greater success by earning your MS from VCU.

Ed Grier
Dean: VCU School of Business