Universities for starting on your own

Now a days young aspirants are not forced to choose between academic aspiration and enterprising spirit. Universities have come around to support enterprising spirit both within and outside of curriculum.

Stanford Venture Studio supports exploring new venture ideas among students. Similarly Startup Garage in Stanford Graduate School of business is hands-on course in which students design and test new business concepts that address real-world needs. While venture studio activities do not count for degree granting, the startup garage is considered as a project work that counts towards degree granting.

Similarly MIT entrepreneur boot camp and other platforms such as New venture competition and entrepreneurs in residence offers similar support to students aspiring to start on their own.

Some universities have taken entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity to university level (not just at business school level). For instance, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), which I am familiar with, has state of the art Design school, a state of the art engineering school and a state of the art brand school besides its business school. These schools have lent their resources to create a Da’ Vinci center which supports product development and entrepreneurship from inter disciplinary angle.

Support to entrepreneurship comes from different levels of engagement. For instance, Learning Living Community at VCU provides an exclusive housing with discussion and office for like-minded, entrepreneurial students across the university.  While there are seminars and talks in these living learning communities, most of it is self-organized. Whereas, it’s D’vinci center comes with heavy hand holding by the experts from within as well as outside university. A full pledged incubation center will offer state of the art workspace, network with potential investors and business partners.