SABA Remote Facilitated Course Companion Topics



“Acronym SABA stands for “Spreadsheet Applications in Business Analytics” and it provides an analytics edge to MBA students with a view to make them successful in the current analytics heavy corporate world.


At Knowledge Varsity, We’ve begun to develop close relationships with many B-Schools to implement a two-semester long Spreadsheet based Business Analytics module.


We offer Remote Facilitated Course Companion (RFCC) labs & Assignments, Super specializations and TA services.  All these offerings are designed to help students to master a specific type of analysis under an expert instructor.


Remote Facilitation means one or more qualified instructor is available online through out the duration of labor office hour for students to clarify doubts while solving problems.  And these are called course companion labs or assignments because the lab or assignment topics can be mapped to a specific course in the program curriculum and a part course assessment is allotted to student performance in these labs as internal assessment components.

Production & Operations


  • LAB 1: Product Mix Optimization Applications
  • Lab 2: Inventory & EOQ Models
  • Lab 3: Price Optimization Applications

Scenario & Sensitivity

  • Lab 1: Cash Budgeting Applications
  • Lab 2: Break Even Analysis Applications
  • Lab 3: Leverage Analysis Applications

Retail Analysis

Pricing & Promotion

  • Lab 1: Price Bundling Applications
  • Lab 2: Customer Retention & Acquisition Applications
  • Lab 3: Media Selection Applications

Retail Analysis

  • Lab 1: Lifetime Customer Value Applications
  • Lab 2: Market Basket Analysis Applications
  • Lab 3: FRM Analysis Applications

Financial Modelling For Valuation & Risk Management


  • Lab 1: Cash Flow Estimation Applications
  • Lab 2: Cost of Capital Estimation Applications
  • Lab 3: Valuing Mature & Growth Companies Applications

Risk Management

  • Lab 1: Portfolio Risk & Return Applications
  • Lab 2: Optimal Portfolio Applications
  • Lab 3: Value at Risk Applications

Financial Statement Analysis & Forecasting

Statement Analysis

  • Lab 1: Ratio Analysis Applications
  • Lab 2: Cash Budgeting Applications
  • Lab 3: Cash Flow Analysis Applications


  • Lab 1: Percentage of Sales Method Applications
  • Lab 2: Regression Method Applications
  • Lab 3: Break Even & Financial Leverage Analysis Applications

Credit Rating & Credit Risk

Credit Rating

  • Lab 1: Covenants & Testing Applications
  • Lab 2: Lease & Hire Purchase Applications
  • Lab 3: Liquidity Analysis Applications

Credit Rating

  • Lab 1: Stress Testing & Scenario Analysis Applications
  • Lab 2: Ratings for Service Companies Applications
  • Lab 3: Ratings for Manufacturing Companies Applications

Investment Banking

Valuation Models for M&A

  • Lab 1: Comparable Company Analysis Applications
  • Lab 2: Precedent Transaction Analysis Applications
  • Lab 3: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Applications

Mergers & Acquisitions Case Studies

  • Lab 1: Merger Case
  • Lab 2: De-merger Case
  • Lab 3: Leverage Buyout Case

HR Analytics

Performance Analysis

  • Lab 1: Analysis using spreadsheet models viz., Turnover rate, Turnover rate per department, Cost of absenteeism, Cost of turnover etc.
  • Lab 2: Monitoring using pivot & Dashboard Applications viz, Revenue per employee analysis, Labor cost percentage of revenue analysis, Labor cost percentage of total expenses analysis, Labor cost per FTE etc.
  • Lab 3: Visualizing & reporting using Graphs & tables Applications viz, Training expenses per employee analysis, Training efficiency, Turnover rate of talent, HR cost per FTE, HR to employee ratio etc.

Workforce Analysis

  • Lab 1: Analysis using spreadsheet models viz, Average length of service, Retirement rate, Engagement rate, Satisfaction rate, Salary hike since last year etc.
  • Lab 2: Monitoring using pivot & Dashboard Applications viz, Annual Benefits Spend Change Report, Benefit Spend Rate Calculator, Average Training Hours Calculator, Employee Attendance Sheet, Employee-Base-Salary-Increase-Rate-Calculator etc.
  • Lab 3: Visualizing & Reporting using Graphs & tables Applications viz, Employee-Vacation-Tracker, Gratuity-Calculator, HR-Attrition-Report, Job-Candidate-Tracker, Job-Vacancy-Rate-Calculator, New-Hire-Turnover-Rate-Calculator etc.

Recruitment Analysis

  • Lab 1: Analysis using spreadsheet models viz., Time to fill, Time to hire, Cost per hire, Source of hire, First-year resignation rate, First-year turnover rate, First-month turnover rate, First-month turnover rate etc.
  • Lab 2: Monitoring using pivot & Dashboard Applications viz, Hiring manager satisfaction, Candidate job satisfaction, Applicants per opening, Selection ratio, Cost per hire, Offer acceptance rate, Vacancy rate, Yield ratio etc.
  • Lab 3: Visualizing & reporting using Graphs & tables Applications viz, Sourcing channel effectiveness, Sourcing channel cost (Advertisement spending per channel / number of successful applicants per platform).