SABA Corporate Valuation Lab, RV Institute of Management, Bangalore, Karnataka

How to Enroll

How to Enroll? Students should enroll on Knowledge Varsity ‘s Learning portal. To register, follow the steps as mentioned below

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Choose, Corporate Valuation from the book dropdown.  Choose RVIM from university. Choose your section. Enter RVIM2021 as Digital Access code

Step 3. Click Next and sign up as a new user

Step 4. Click Next and enter your details

Step 5. You will receive an email from , verify by clicking on the link


Course Description: Most often students struggle to apply the theoretical concepts which they elearned in the practical context. This certification lab is particularly designed to overcome this difficulty by taking students through a series of spreadsheet models.

Expected Learning outcome: At the end of the course, besides familiarity with Microsoft Excel, students will be able to foreacast the financials and do valuation of a firm with simple capital structure.

Online Pedagogy: Students learn underlying concepts from video lessons prescribed for the weekly assignment.  In the online session students will do hands-on assignment solving on Excel. Students can clarify doubts either by posting comments to the instructor or by chatting/discussion with instructor during pre-specified office hours.

Certification:  Successful students will be awarded Certificate

Technology Requirement: Students must have their own laptop with Microsoft Office 2007 or later or should use the computer lab provided by the Institution. Also, students must have access bandwidth provided either by the institution or personal bandwidth in order to download and upload assignment files and video lessons. Students will be sent Zoom invite for online office hour meetings.

Please download and install zoom in your desktop/laptop/mobile devices before joining a zoom meeting. Here is the link for zoom –


Zoom at Google Play Store:

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Course Instructor

Professor Ratan Gupta, B Tech, IIT KGP, CFA & FRM. He has 13 years of experience in Industry, taught at VCU Graduate programs and successfully coached CFA Level 1, 2 & 3 candidates as well as FRM Level 1 & 2 candidates.