RAISE ACT is an acronym for the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act. The bill is introduced in US Senate in 2017. The bill proposes, among other things, the two most important items for professionals viz., (a) reduction in the overall number of green cards issued each year and (b) changes in eligibility for professional and family sponsored immigration seekers

It is expected, if passed in the senate, these changes would result in nearly halving the overall number of green cards issued each year

In case of professional immigrant visa seekers, RAISE ACT proposes that those who are seeking for immigrant visa with doctoral or professional degrees and with higher English Language proficiency are preferred over others. If all else equal, young adult applicants are preferred over others. All eligible applicants will be placed in a pool and those who are accepted will be invited to file a Visa petition.

In case of immigration visa seekers under family sponsorship, the eligibility for offering citizenship to children of alien spouse of a United States’ citizen will be limited to those under the age of 18 years instead of the current limit which is 21 years.

The act is opposed by both economists and liberal politicians. While economists argue that the net impact of the proposed act on national income would be negative, liberal politicians believe the proposed changes under family sponsorship would tear down American families.

Whether or not the bill passes United States Senate, my advice to immigration seekers under professional category is (a) acquire higher education; (b) acquire English Language Skill and (c) apply early (20-28 age group). My dear friends, pl take note, nationalists are looking to recruit able-bodied, young, highly educated, English-speaking aliens to US Inc!