Journey towards discovering self responsibility

GRE or GMAT, admissions, visa, travelling arrangements, succeeding in classroom in USA, OPT, H1B sponsorship, H1B extension,  Green Card are all the events in the sequence that leads to education cum immigration  in USA. The entire journey from start to the end takes about a decade which is a significant part of one’s life time. It is not for uncommitted, doubtful, irresponsible souls.

Some of you may seek guidance from a family member or a friend whereas most others seek professional guidance. There are a host of institutions that guide you on the way. GMAT/GRE coaching centers will help you in getting a decent test score; Study abroad consultants help you in University admission process; Visa & travel consultants help you in getting visa and air tickets.

Help continues to be available even after you arrive in USA, even after you are in the classroom. Universities have English language classes to learn to improve your speaking and writing skills. There are English labs that help you in editing your assignments. Career centers that prep you on preparing resume and on interviewing for job; career fairs where you can meet prospective employers. In addition, you will come across immigration consultants and attorneys who advise you on H1B visa, H1B visa extension, H1B transfer, Green card etc.

While at each step, there are professional services that you can avail, the initiative has to be yours. You should plan well as to when to do what? How to choose a professional service provider? How to clearly communicate your needs to the professional service provider? How best to make use of availed professional services? Not one professional service provider but a host of them. Not during one year but over a decade.

This journey is a journey of discovering responsibility towards oneself. It is easy to blame any one in the chain. You might blame poor GMAT coaching, incompetent study abroad consultant, bad visa consultant, unhelpful University career counselor, unethical immigration consultant & so on. Blaming is attribution of responsibility post failure. It is not an ingredient for success. That is why a decade’s journey towards education and immigration is not for uncommitted, doubtful, irresponsible souls.