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Our Offerings

Are you worried your students are not getting enough application exercises?

Are you worried your students are not getting enough application exercises? Are you concerned that your students are not getting enough hands on practice in data analysis and problem solving? Are you struggling to balance your time between covering syllabus and providing hands on problem solving experience to students? Then you must look at our “Remote Facilitated Course Companion” (RFCC) Labs or Assignments!



We offer Remote Facilitated Course Companion (RFCC) labs & Assignments, Super specializations and TA services.  All these offerings are designed to help students to master a specific type of analysis under an expert instructor.


Remote Facilitation

Remote Facilitation means one or more qualified instructor is available online through out the duration of labor office hour for students to clarify doubts while solving problems.


Course Companion

These are called course companion labs or assignments because the lab or assignment topics can be mapped to a specific course in the program curriculum and a part course assessment is allotted to student performance in these labs as internal assessment components.


Lab v/s Assignment

We use the term ‘Lab’ when specify a session in the course time table where students are required to assemble in the classroom to solve problems. We use “Assignment” when students are asked to solve problems as take home assignments. Labs will have both onsite and remote instructors whereas in assignments, online instructors facilitate during per-specified office hours.



A typical lab or assignment includes (a) carefully designed problem sets that help students to practice analysis; (b) webinar or a video lesson or both (not exceeding 60 minutes) on the specific type of analysis to be performed by students; (c) Either remote or in class instructors or both who will be available online for doubt solving throughout the duration of the lab or office hours and ;(d) individualized grades and feedback on student submissions.



Topics under Spreadsheet Category are called “Spreadsheet Applications for Business Analytics” (SABA) Topics whereas analysis using programming languages such as R or Python “Super specialization” topics. Both SABA & Super specialization topics fall under varied functional specializations such as Finance, Marketing, and Operations & HR and across domains such as Banking and Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Health Care.

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