Benefits of Study Abroad!

Studies after studies have pointed in one direction that those who have left the comforts of home have achieved success. Moving away from a place in which one stayed significant formative years acts like a filter. Those moved away were likely to be achievers in academics and got ahead in life.

Moving is associated with risk taking.  Moving involves living with people who are not like us and hence unsettling. Those who do not move away perhaps have insulated themselves to such vulnerability. It is just like you leave 10 kids out there near their hometown and start observing over the years. Whoever moves away is enterprising and the rest cling to home. Those who move have intrinsic motivation to take risk & achieve.

History of civilization is replete with the success of people who migrate and civilization in turn has developed due to such migrations. It is progressive to move. Those who move also exhibit a liberal outlook. In a manner in which they are tolerant to other’s vulnerabilities and welcoming outsiders. They make new friends and they are comfortable doing business with strangers. Their life skills to survive, negotiate, work in teams, adapt to strangers are much higher than those who do not move.

Several studies have associated those who left home with higher likely hood of acquiring college degree, attaining higher median income. Once you leave home, the chances of you being highly educated and your income becoming more than others dramatically increases. No doubt you need to work hard. You need to attend classes, turn in assignments, do well in exams and make ‘A’ grades. But it is like an invisible hand helping you all along. Hence travel is education and traveling for education is like getting all in one.