Our Vision

Our vision is to make sure every student gets to know where he/she lost marks and why he/she lost marks be it assignments or exams administered either in Universities or in MOOC courses

Our Story

Knowledge Varsity, in 2010, began with an idea of launching Business Knowledge Video Series and CFA Coaching. Excel certification program, Boot Camp Program of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), USA were started in 2013. Since 2013, the firm reduced its engagement on coaching & certification program and began focusing exclusively on developing a grading & feedback application viz., “Grading Assistance”. The beta version of ‘Grading Assistance’ is expected to be available for users starting January 2018.

Grading Assistance

‘Grading Assistance’ is a productivity tool for grading assignments and giving feedback. Its built in feedback engine makes it easy to grade assignment questions be it Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Short Answers or Excel Attachments. And, in addition to grading, it also makes it easy to give constructive feedback to students. Knowledge Varsity programs extensively use this application to graded and provide feedback on assignments.