August 25, 2016


How do I know the status (track) of my Order

  • You can contact our Customer Service Executives at They let you know the status of your order.
  • When study materials are dispatched, the details of the Courier Company and useful information will be sent to you through SMS or e-mail.
  • You can use the login credentials in the website to track the status of the order and know shipment details.

When will my credit card be billed against the order?

  • Credit Card will be billed immediately when Order is placed.

How can I cancel an order?

  • You can cancel an order by sending an email quoting the order number and with the subject “Cancellation” to .
  • Please see our refund policy to know the amount that you will receive when you cancel

How can I get a refund if an order is cancelled or the books are not supplied?

  • The amount will be credited to your credit card account.

How customers can protect themselves on online-transactions?

  • Always shop or make payments through trusted / reputed websites and bookmark those sites if you use them regularly.
  • Ensure that the URL of the website is correct by verifying it in the address bar of your computer browser.
  • Do not click on links in emails or on referral websites to visit the online shopping site. Always type the URL in the address bar of the browser to visit the website.
  • Do not enter your confidential account information such as Credit Card Numbers, Expiry Date, CVV values, etc on any pop-up windows.
  • If you are a frequent online shopper, signup for Verify by Visa and Master Card secure code program.
  • Check for PAD LOCK symbol on the webpage before furnishing your Credit Card Numbers, Expiry Date, PIN and CVV values, etc to make payments.
  • Make note of the transaction IDs for future reference incase of disputes.
  • Check your account statements regularly and bring any fraudulent transaction to the notice of Bank.
  • Do not respond to emails seeking your confidential account information that try to lure you with offers, jobs or prizes etc.